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“The University Of Adam Smith”: a review in The Wall Street Journal

Posted by News Editor on February 6, 2012

Writing in The Wall Street Journal’s Bookshelf column, Naomi Schaefer Riley praised as a “lively read thanks to [Andy Rosen’s] in-person interviews and firsthand reporting at colleges across the country.”

Ms. Riley hones in on the book’s theme of how the current mix of financial imperatives has led traditional colleges and universities to focus too little on what students are learning in the classroom—to the detriment of students and society and the economy at large.

“[T]here are many students who want a “direct route” to knowledge and skills. Mr. Rosen makes a strong case that for-profits, when properly run, are ready to provide it,” she writes.

Read the full review “The University Of Adam Smith,” in The Wall Street Journal.

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