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News & Blog has generated considerable conversation about what is needed to reform our higher education system towards the goals of access, quality, affordability, and accountability. Visit here to stay up-to-date on the latest news about, including articles by author Andy Rosen addressing current events and themes in the book.

Entrepreneurial approach will help overcome higher ed challenges

Posted by News Editor on June 11, 2012

A recommended read is the new Kauffman Foundation report, “College 2.0: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Reforming Higher Education—Overcoming Barriers and Fostering Innovation,”  co-authored by Ben Wildavsky.… Continue reading

MinorThoughts review: “highly recommend;” “4 out of 5 stars”

Posted by News Editor on May 30, 2012

A new review from the MinorThoughts blog recommends “,” rating it “four out of five” stars:

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PsyCritiques take on

Posted by News Editor on May 2, 2012

PsyCritiques, the official journal of the American Psychological Association, published a review about “”:

“I give Rosen credit for writing a concise, well-informed brief on behalf of his industry. For anyone unfamiliar with the context in which for-profit universities have mushroomed in recent years or who would like to understand the strongest arguments in their favor, this is a good, pleasurable read.”

Read the full review at PsyCritiques.… Continue reading

“Retooling Higher Education” Event @ Duke University

Posted by News Editor on February 24, 2012

Andy Rosen spoke at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy today… Continue reading

BigThink: The New Higher Education Playbook

Posted by News Editor on February 9, 2012

BigThink has a new video interview with Andy Rosen.

Click image & watch video.

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“The University Of Adam Smith”: a review in The Wall Street Journal

Posted by News Editor on February 6, 2012

Writing in The Wall Street Journal’s Bookshelf column, Naomi Schaefer Riley praised as a “lively read thanks to [Andy Rosen’s] in-person interviews and firsthand reporting at colleges across the country.”

Ms. Riley hones in on the book’s theme of how the current mix of financial imperatives has led traditional colleges and universities to focus too little on what students are learning in the classroom—to the detriment of students and society and the economy at large.… Continue reading

Michael Horn’s review on

Posted by News Editor on January 24, 2012

Michael Horn, co-author with Clay Christensen and Curtis Johnson of “Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns,” reviewed the book on

One would expect a book by the CEO of a for-profit university to mount a vigorous defense of the much-maligned for-profit higher education sector. But what one might not expect is that

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“Truly important”insights: Bill Gates reviews

Posted by News Editor on January 22, 2012

Bill Gates—the renowned innovator and entrepreneur who is best known these days for his groundbreaking philanthropy in the health and education sectors—wrote a review in The Washington Post :

In “,” Andrew Rosen calls for greater relevance, access, accountability and transparency in higher education. He builds a persuasive case that many non-traditional students— such as working adults, parents and those at risk of dropping out — are not well served by traditional institutions. New

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Boston Globe: Andy Rosen say today’s students “more focused on value”

Posted by News Editor on January 21, 2012

The Boston Globe‘s Mary Carmichael interviewed Andy Rosen for a story about the different factors students (and their parents) are weighing in choosing a college.… Continue reading reviewed on ZDNET

Posted by News Editor on December 1, 2011

Christopher Dawson praises on ZDNET:

“ Rebooting for the new talent economy is one of the best books I’ve read on the changing face of education (and the unfortunate turns that our higher education system continues to take).”

To read the full review, “ Insights from Kaplan’s CEO,” visit ZDNET.… Continue reading

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